Kuinka ladata animea?


What you may need:
  • WinRAR
  • VLC media player
  • Utorrent

What to do with ZIP.type of files?
Download WinRAR to uncompress the file. For more clearer introduction check: this video from Youtube.
After uncompressing the zip file you will get mp4 or mvk video file.
How to watch MKV type of videos?
Download e.g VLC video player. It supports a lot of video types including mp4 and mkv.
I downloaded torrent file, what now?
Download Utorrent. You can open up torrent files with this program. It downloads the video file for you depending how many people are sharing the file currently. (at times torrents are faster way to download than regular internet) For closer look what torrenting is check this.
WARNING: Torrent files are brone to be slow to download if a lot of people don’t seed them. It may take hours to download the video file. (especially possible with the Finnish torrents)

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